Strategy-Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders

Wednesday 10:10-11:10 – 10:05 AM

Session Description

US Companies spend billions annually on leadership development. Match that investment to the abundant research that finds most leadership development to be ineffective and the conclusion is a phenomenal amount of wasted money and effort. But the situation does not need to be that dire. Leadership Development can be effective and drive an organization’s performance, if it is designed and executed on verified, effective practices.

Organizational Psychologists and authors, Michael Couch and Richard Citrin, will present a proven new paradigm for developing leaders at all levels called Strategy-Driven Leadership Development. Strategy Driven Leadership Development is an evidence-based, deliberate and systematic practice founded on recent advances in neuroscience and human learning.


Michael Couch SPHR, HCS

Michael Couch has made a career out of improving the performance of organizations, teams and leaders. His unique background in operations, business management, human resources and organization effectiveness allows him to bridge the gap between evidence and practice and to collaborate throughout a company to build strategy-driven organizations.