The Biggest Danger to Organizations is Already Happening

Wednesday 12:50 – 1:50 PM

Session Description

Calling all leaders! The facts are startling. Workplace stress has increased dramatically over the past decade. Nearly 95% of American workers say they feel it every week at work. The importance of employee well-being is increasing. A new CDC report warns that one in six people in the U.S. have experienced childhood trauma that is impacting their health, their jobs, their relationships, and their communities. How do individuals persevere in the face of these challenges? Resilience! How do organizations manage and support employees under stressful conditions to achieve success? Workforce resilience!



While she may be small in stature, Lynell Meeth uses her strength in relating to others to inspire and lead. Lynell makes a difference by keeping her advice open and real. Her experience spans over 20 years of consulting with managers, HR professionals, and executives on talent development, performance management, engagement and retention, assessments, mergers/acquisitions, employee relations and investigations, succession planning, and diversity initiatives. She is an experienced trainer in professional development, harassment, interviewing, diversity, metrics, and HR compliance. An experienced presenter to groups of 10 to more than 100, Lynell’s down-to-earth and relatable style packs a powerful punch with attendees.