Gratitude Strategies to Boost Your Business and Lift Your Life

Wednesday 11:45 AM – 12:45 PM

Session Description

COVID-19 has turned our world upside down. When the frustration, stress, and confusion associated with all of the new processes, technologies, and ways of doing business, it’s sometimes hard to find anything good about our current situations.

In this keynote, you’ll have the opportunity to learn and be reminded of principles that make a difference. Using research, anecdotes, personal stories and experiences, Lisa Ryan gives you simple tools to create a happier, less stressed-out life. Give
yourself the gift of a little self-care today for a better tomorrow.

In her entertaining, interactive and FUN program, Lisa Ryan, will S.H.O.W. you the immense power of gratitude in four areas.
You’ll discover how gratitude changes your SELF – your perspective, the way you look at what happens to you. Current gratitude research will be presented to show WHY this is such a powerful practice.

You’ll realize that there are abundant HEALTH benefits from gratefulness including your heart, immune system, and ability to have sounder sleep.

You’ll understand how gratitude improves relationships with OTHERS and will have a few strategies to try during and after the session.

Finally, you’ll find out the influence of gratitude on WEALTH/WORKPLACE to see how you can bring these principles into the workplace.


Lisa Ryan CSP

As a Certified Speaking Professional, an award-winning speaker and author of ten books, Lisa Ryan works with her clients to develop employee and client engagement initiatives and strategies that keep their top talent and best clients from becoming someone else’s. Lisa’s expertise includes: strengthening workplace culture, improving employee engagement, increasing customer retention, and initiating gratitude strategies (“Grategies”) for personal and professional transformation. Lisa’s participants enjoy her high energy, enthusiastic delivery and quick wit and they leave the session with ideas they are committed to acting on immediately to make positive workplace culture changes. Lisa costars in two films with other experts including Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” She is the Past-President of the National Speakers Association, Ohio Chapter and holds an MBA from Cleveland State University.