Culture: Why the Gap?

Wednesday 9:05 – 10:05 AM

Session Description

In 2020, very few leaders doubt the value of organizational “culture.” Culture drives talent; talent drives quality; quality drives customers; and customers drive revenue. In many circles, culture is king. As leadership consultant, I regularly have top leaders telling me “absolutely, I want a dynamic, enthusiastic, positive work environment my employees.” But when we measure the health of their culture, they don’t have anything close to the culture they say they want. So, why the gap? This presentation will explore the causes, and solutions, for why so many organizations are struggling to create the culture they desire.


Brett Hoogeveen

Every human being would benefit from working for an amazing company. Brett Hoogeveen helped build one of the country’s best places to work and is on a mission to help other organizations do the same.

Brett is a leadership trainer, consultant, speaker and co-founder of the leadership development and consulting firm MindSet LLC.
Brett holds a degree in civil engineering from the University of Kansas; however, he absconded from engineering early on in his career in search of a world-class employer. He found one when he took a business development position with the nationally renowned, Omaha-based rehabilitation provider QLI. During his time at QLI, Brett witnessed the tremendous power of leadership and culture, as the organization soared to national success while being recognized five consecutive times as the #1 Best Place to Work in its metropolitan area. Brett eventually joined QLI’s executive leadership team – the youngest person ever invited to do so.
Today, Brett travels nationally as a speaker and consultant and with a single focus: providing practical, actionable advice to help organizations build dominantly successful cultures. As Brett and his growing list of clients are keenly aware, better culture = better business.